"Will mobile home parks be affected by Proposition 10?"

The answer is No.

Mobile home parks are not affected by by the Costra-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.  However, rent control for mobile home parks already exists in many California jurisdictions. And we expect to see more restrictions on large mobile home park rent increases, but not because of voters.

The State of California says over 5% of the state's population lives in a mobile home or manufactured home. A large percentage of those are in land lease communities, aka mobile home parks. The home owner owns the home and leases the lot under a lease agreement with the park owner. Lease terms vary greatly across California from ranging form month to month agreements to year to year leases. Manufactured housing represents a significant portion of California's affordable housing inventory, but like all California housing, more desirable locations have higher values.  However, the unique nature of land lease manufactured home ownership as a significant component of necessary California affordable housing results in different market landscape than real estate ownership. 

MH Advantage Home and Loan Program

 Announcing our first Duty to Serve Program, the Fannie Mae Advantage Program.

Conventional financing, including the Fannie 3% down option for new program certified manufactured homes that are built to modern standards, featuring amenities like garages, dormers and site built similarities. The program supports new manufactured home construction that can blend into existing neighborhoods or even support new affordable development.

manufactured home buyers guide

Manufactured Home Buyers Guide - "In  Park"

Most of our buyers know that purchasing a mobile home or manufactured home in a mobile home park is an affordable way to live in California. Many don't understand the value or the process.


Purchasing a manufactured home does not have to be difficult. But the process is different than traditional real estate lending, similar but different. We explain the process to each new client with the goal of having the smartest customers in the market.

Our new Buyers Guide discusses the best way to get started, covers the differences in the manufactured home buying and loan process and even has a payment estimator you can test. Our guide is designed to get you started and help you successully merge and navigate the purchase and loan process.

California Manufactured Housing Provides Diverse Ownership Opportunities

Since we reworked our sites, we are circling back and covering some of the fundamentals of California manufactured home sales and finance. One of the questions we are frequently asked is about the differences in manufactured home ownership classification in California.

What type of ownership is best? It can be confusing. Land Lease, Land Owned, PUD, Fee Simple, Co-op, Condo. Condo? Yes, Condominium mobile home parks in California!  All of these types of manufactured home ownership exists in California and all behave differently in the market, primarily due to the acceptability in financial markets and the nature of the security. Some lenders like one type, others don't. Good financing drives value which is the most important feature to any buyer. 

The MH Loans California Companies

Modernized Resources at The MH Loans California Companies "We've Grown."

Modernizing California Manufactured Home Sales and Finance. Merged sales and finance systems  

In 2012 we started a plan to move from an internet based loan service to a real live "boots on the ground" operation in Southern California including used and new home sales.  We're in our fourth year and are continuing to expand. We thought this was a good time to consolidate our message and make some updates across our entire platform.

The American Way is to build something and then figure out how to finance it, right?   You always hear the term Sales AND Finance; not the other way around.  We built our business backwards. We were lenders first and then merged our sales and development experience into our business structure. We probably should have coined the phrase Manufactured Home Finance AND Sales. Any way you put it, we are continuing to grow and develop.