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Manufactured Home Loan, Marketing, Business Development Services for Realtors®

The California manufactured home industry is a billion dollar business or you might not be reading this. 

We're lenders first, but we are real estate agents too and while we've built a business centered on manufactured homes, we know most agents will only manage a handful of manufactured homes in their career.

There are also agents around California that specialize in manufactured home sales.  We are looking for better ways to provide referral and loan services to every agent, regardless of experience. We've built a successful business on a platform that works. We working on making it more shareable and digitally better every day. 

MH Value Database for Realtors®

The MH Value Database for California Realtors®

Comprehensive California manufactured home database; it's the secret to our success. If you are listing mobile homes and manufactured homes, this is a tool for you.

Finding California mobile home and manufactured home information and sales data has always been a challenge for buyers, sellers and the agents that represent them. Try to find comparable sales in a park fast, or at all using the MLS. Good luck.  In fact, in most cases the MLS will be missing information that is valuable to you and your client.

realtor dealer cooperation program

Manufactured Home Retailer and Realtor® Cooperation

Retailers and Realtors® working together is not something you hear much about in California. We're out to change that.

Thousands of In Park mobile homes across California need to be replaced. If you are an agent that works the manufactured home market, you will come across this home.  What do you do with it?

Manufactured Home Buyers Guide
Land Lease "In Park"
Manufactured Home
Buyers Guide
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